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Workpiece carrier as defined matrix for automation
Removal of the component with industrial robot from workpiece carrierWorkpiece carrier in automation at customerAvoidance of manual interventions in the production process by workpiece carriers

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The automation of production processes has become increasingly important in recent years. One of the most important aspects of automation is the use of workpiece carriers, which help to structure production and increase efficiency.

Workpiece carriers can be used to automate the handling of raw materials, components and finished products in a production plant. This can significantly reduce manual labor for manufacturing employees and increase efficiency, as the workpiece carriers can be programmed to follow specific routes on a defined matrix (see graphic), pick up and transport materials, and even load and unload materials into and out of machines.

cell Workpiece carriers also have defined fixed points (green) that can be used to calibrate automation components. In this way, carrier sizes are clearly recognized throughout the production process. In general, all Zell workpiece carrier systems are developed for automation:

Advantages of workpiece carriers in lean production
ZELL Factory System new cleaning baskets
Stainless steel cleaning basket for various insertsrinsed stainless steel cleaning basketClosed cleaning basket made of stainless steel prevents the component from falling out when rotating or swiveling in the cleaning system.Residue-free drying of the stainless steel cleaning basket industry after the washing process

Optimum rinsing
no micro scratches!

One of the most important steps in any manufacturing process is the cleaning of components prior to assembly/commissioning. This ensures that the individual components are free of deposits/residues, contaminants, solvents, oils from the previous production steps. These could affect the performance and life of the manufactured assemblies. Component cleaning can be a time consuming and labor intensive process, but is critical to the quality of the final product.

This process can be made much more efficient through the use of workpiece carriers and matching cleaning baskets. These are not only capable of transporting the parts, but can also fix them in a fully automated cleaning process in such a way that gentle cleaning is possible.

Advantages of parts cleaning with workpiece carriers
palletized workpiece carrier system, space-saving due to Euronorm dimensions of the cleaning baskets industry
Subcomponents of the ZELL Factory System: Clips, Multiclips, workpiece carriers and cleaning basketsRemoval aid for cleaning basket industryShepherd size cleaning baskets on palletEuro pallet with cleaning basketspalletized baskets with plastic and stainless steel lids

Never recharge again!

In today's manufacturing environment, it is critical to minimize downtime and maximize production efficiency . One of the ways to achieve this is through innovative workpiece carrier systems that minimize reloading operations between production and logistics.

Reloading operations occur when workpieces need to be transported from one production step to another or from production to logistics. These processes are often still mapped manually and increase the risk of damage to the workpieces. By minimizing reloading operations, manufacturers can reduce unnecessary labor and improve the overall efficiency of their production processes.

With ZELL® , a clip/multiclip fits on a workpiece carrier, which fits in a basket, and these in turn are standardized to the sizes of EURO pallets or Schäfer I and II dimensions:

Minimization of reloading operations for more efficient manufacturing and logistics
Stainless steel workpiece carriers for temperatures up to 1200 degrees Celsius, electroplating and hardening

Uniform heating and cooling with workpiece carriers

Workpiece carriers play a crucial role in the heat treatment of metal parts. Heat treatment is a process in which metal parts are heated and cooled to achieve specific mechanical and physical properties. The goal of heat treatment is to improve the strength, hardness , and toughness of metal parts while ensuring that they maintain their shape and size.

Workpiece carriers are used to transport metal parts during heat treatment. They provide a secure way to hold the parts in place and transport them between the different phases of the process, such as heating, cooling and quenching. They play a critical role in ensuring the accuracy and consistency of the heat treatment process. The modularity of Zell products also allows them to be used in the appropriate wash basket. This means that the parts only have to be used once in the overall process.

Workpiece carriers for electroplating

ZELL® Factory System 2022

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ZELL® Systems 2020

Multiclip with sample parts for optimum protection of the component surface
various clips, multiclips, plastic washing basketsWorkpiece carrier with MulticlipsRemoval of the component with industrial robot from Multiclip

Protect sensitive components

When delicate parts are transported in a workpiece carrier, it is important that they are secure and protected from damage during transport. One of the simplest and most effective ways to achieve this is to use plastic clips.

These are manufactured in a variety of sizes and shapes from high quality polyamides that are durable, flexible and lightweight. They attach easily to the parts to be protected, holding them in place and preventing them from slipping or damaging their surface during transport.

Minimization of reloading operations for more efficient manufacturing and logistics
Small load carrier, KLT with plastic workpiece carrier as modular inlay

Configure your small load carrier (KLT) from more than 1,000 modular components

With our latest ZELL® Factory System, you can flexibly build the inlay of your small load carrier (KLT). In doing so, the configuration of the KLT always starts with the right receptacle for your component. The right clip is then mounted on a workpiece carrier. This can then be inserted as an inlay into a KLT or the matching ZELL basket.The containers are well suited for automated production, cleaning, temporary storage and logistics

Learn more about our modular inlays in KLT
All variants of workpiece carrier systems of the ZELL Factory System
Subcomponents ZELL Factory SystemRemoval aid from ZELL Factory Systempalletized ZELL Factory SystemZELL Factory system with plastic and stainless steel lids

ZELL® Carrier 2023

Washing without scrubbing

ZELL presents the first 3-in-1 workpiece carrier that combines the best features of a tray, cleaning basket and small load carrier in one product. the ZELL® Carrier is height-adjustable, stackable and is particularly suitable for heavy components thanks to better weight distribution.

more about the ZELL® Carrier
All variants of workpiece carrier systems of the ZELL Factory System
Subcomponents ZELL Factory SystemRemoval aid from ZELL Factory Systempalletized ZELL Factory SystemZELL Factory system with plastic and stainless steel lids

ZELL® Factory System 2022

The modular standard system for production and logistics

Although our system technology regularly reinvents itself and redevelops central products, all ZELL workpiece carriers build on each other in a modular way. Currently, you can request our products from the ZELL® Factory System 2022 and established systems. If further adaptation is required for your workpiece, please feel free to contact us directly or find out more about our individual industry solutions information. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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Workpiece carrier for thin aluminum plates built from ZELL Factory System
Workpiece carrier with turned part mounted on ZELL Factory system
Workpiece carrier with turned part mounted on ZELL Factory system
Stainless steel workpiece carrier with automotive part
Workpiece carrier with turned part mounted on ZELL Factory system
Stainless steel basket with base plate for rotating part
Stainless steel workpiece carrier with new clip for shafts
Stainless steel workpiece carrier with new clip for gears
Stainless steel workpiece carrier with new clip for battery components