ZELL® Carrier

One carrier. One wash basket. One system

ZELL presents the first 3-in-1 workpiece carrier that combines the best features of a tray, cleaning basket and small load carrier in one product.
The ZELL® Carrier can be adjusted in height, is stackable and is particularly suitable for heavy components* thanks to better weight distribution.

An innovative assembly

With the ZELL® Carrier, we are strategically expanding our ZELL® Factory System in a modular way.

Similar to our plastic workpiece carriers, the height can be adjusted in increments of 10 mm using a number of spacers. Two plastic corners are manufactured in such a way that a round frame can be inserted, similar to our existing plastic baskets. The other corner pieces are similar to the spacers in our workpiece carrier assembly. Alternatively, the system can also be set up with two handles.

The base plate of the workpiece carrier remains the same. This means that the carrier is also available in the five familiar sizes, the Euro standards (200x300 mm, 300x400 mm, 400x600 mm) and the Schäfer dimensions (320x235 mm, 470x320 mm) and can be stacked with conventional small load carriers (KLT), just like our ZELL® Factory baskets.

The number of round frames used significantly increases the stability of the workpiece carrier assembly, as the total weight of the components can be better distributed over the surface of the tray. The entire system is compatible with our standard and Multiclips.

our new corner parts
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Five standard sizes

As the ZELL® Carrier is also based on our five standardized carriers, the corner sections have the same external dimensions as our ZELL® Factory baskets.

Euronorm: 200x300 mm, 400x300 mm and 600x400 mm
Schäfer: 190x275 mm and 475x275 mm

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Our new corner parts

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ZELL® Carrier

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