Cleaning blasting of small parts in large series

With the modern possibilities of blasting small parts, there are completely new possibilities for component cleaning. Many industrial manufacturers are investing in this sustainable and versatile component cleaning process.

Configure individual workpiece carrier systemCleaning blasting of components in our own machine park

1. a simplified cleaning process

Cleaning blasting for your components

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2. improved cleaning precision with cleaning jets

For small parts, precise cleaning is of utmost importance. Cleaning blasting is characterized by precise and consistent cleaning results.

By applying the appropriate abrasive for the particular part and process, an optimal cleaning result is achieved.

This precision of cleaning blasting guarantees that your mechanically produced parts are completely free of contamination and fulfill their intended use optimally, according to your requirements.

precise cleaning of the component by cleaning blasting

3. maintenance of dimensional accuracy by cleaning blasting.

Checking the dimensional accuracy under the microscope after cleaning blasting

In contrast to other cleaning methods, shot blasting is a gentle process that preserves the dimensional accuracy of your parts.

carefully selected blasting mediaused in cleaning blasting are gentle on surfaces and ensure minimal material removal to prevent damage to delicate parts.

This advantage of cleaning blasting is especially important for industries such as the
Automotive-, air- and aerospace-, electronics industry and medical technology.

4. versatility and adaptability

Cleaning blasting is a versatile cleaning technique that can handle a wide range of small parts regardless of their material or shape. Whether you are dealing with metal, plastic, ceramics or composites , cleaning blasting can clean them effectively.

Parameters such as: Pressure, nozzle size, blasting media, set or barrel ware, are recorded and documented in the work plan with the customer's agreement. This ensures the repeatability of your blasting process.

Cleaned component after cleaning blasting

5. cleaning blasting as an environmentally friendly solution

Passivated components with corrosion protection

No harmful chemicals or solvents are needed for cleaning blasting. The process is sustainable and environmentally friendly. By choosing cleaning blasting, you are contributing to a green future while maintaining excellent cleaning standards.

At the customer's request, we can passivate the parts with an aqueous solution and corrosion protection, using the latest plant technology.

Why you, too, should have your parts blasted at ZELL

Cleaning blasting is an innovative process for companies that need to clean large quantities of small parts. With its:

- simplified cleaning process
- improved cleaning precision
- preservation of dimensional accuracy
- versatility and adaptability
- and environmentally friendly nature

, cleaning blasting offers a wide range of benefits that can significantly optimize your cleaning operations. By using this modern technology, you can save time and increase productivity.

Take advantage of the benefits of cleaning blasting and contact us today.

Cleaning blasting of set goods on own machine