The ZELL Group not only invests in a local supplier network, but is also socially involved in the regional environment. Here is a selection of clubs and organizations that are currently supported with a sponsorship.

The ZELL Group is an active sponsor of the Ulm basketball team. Ratiopharm Ulm is playing for the championship title in the Basketball Bundesliga (2022/2023) in the current season. The club emerged from the SSV Ulm 1846 sports club in 2001. The club's home games are played in the Ratiopharm Arena. The main sponsor and namesake is the Ratiopharm pharmaceutical group, which has its headquarters in Ulm.

Ratiopharm Arena Ulm

ZELL Group is an active sponsor of the basketball players in Ehingen. The Team Ehingen/Urspringschule e. V. is a joint venture of the basketball department of TSG Ehingen von 1848 e.V. and the basketball academy of Urspringschule from Schelklingen. The team currently plays in the second national basketball league (2022/2023 season).

Team Ehingen/Urspringschule e.V.

The club is divided into the departments of soccer, junior soccer, tennis and popular sports.

SSV Ehingen-Süd 1974 e. V.

The sports club Unlingen was founded in 1926 as a soccer club. In the meantime, the club developed into a multi-discipline club with the departments: Soccer, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Kung-Fu. The purpose of the club is the cultivation and promotion of sports and culture. The sports club offers a wide range of sports activities for all age groups in the various departments. In addition to the events of the various departments, the club organizes the annual Family Day, the Oktoberfest and the Sportsmen's Ball. The club also participates in the children's holiday program of the municipality of Unlingen.

Unlingen Sports Club 1926 e.V