Increase the surface quality of your components with a gentle cleaning basket for industry

Industrial cleaning baskets play an important role in various industries and ensure efficient cleaning of components. Standardized industrial cleaning baskets offer several advantages that contribute to improved productivity, safety and cost efficiency.

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ZELL's new workpiece carrier systems include, in particular, plastic cleaning baskets with the following features:
  • Modular cleaning baskets, standardized to Euro logistics dimensions, Schäfer I and II
  • Plastic baskets for set or bulk goods
  • Baskets for cleaning processes up to 120 degrees Celsius and versd. Solvent
Cleaning basket industry
Cleaning baskets for industries with bulk goods

Plastic cleaning baskets

Our standardized basket solutions are suitable for components with different geometries and sizes. In addition, small parts can be washed gently in bulk. Our plastic baskets are inserted modularly into larger basket systems or workpiece carriers. The complete system can thus always be stacked and picked in a space-saving manner. Our basket inserts are also suitable for automated workpiece storage in defined compartments.

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Wash in cleaning baskets with shepherd 1 and 2 dimensions

According to the common cleaning systems, ZELL has also standardized its cleaning baskets in Schäfer 1 (630x450 mm) and Schäfer 2 (450x300 mm). These dimensions result when using cleaning frames for our baskets in the dimensions 400x600 mm and 400x300 mm respectively.

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Modular cleaning basket industry

Standardized cleaning baskets are designed to fit common cleaning systems and equipment. They are compatible with various industrial cleaning processes such as ultrasonic cleaning, spray cleaning and immersion cleaning. This compatibility allows for easy integration into existing cleaning processes without extensive modifications or adjustments to the workpiece carrier system.

Our baskets are standardized to the 200x300, 400x600, 800x600 log dimensions, as well as Schaefer I and II dimensions, to which most cleaning systems are designed.

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Cleaning basket industry modular design

Stainless steel cleaning baskets for industry

Standardized industrial cleaning baskets are made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel or durable plastics. These materials offer excellent resistance to chemicals, heat and mechanical stress. This allows the baskets to withstand intensive cleaning processes and maintain their structural integrity over time. This results in longer service life and lower replacement costs.

Cleaning baskets made of welded stainless steel frames, with modular plastic inserts, have proven most effective. These include the aforementioned plastic baskets for small parts, as well as mounted clips/multiclips or inserted workpiece carriers. ZELL therefore offers three categories of stainless steel cleaning baskets in four different heights (100, 200, 300, 400 mm):

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Cleaning basket industry with plastic baskets
Cleaning basket industry for workpiece carrier

Cleaning baskets for various workpiece carriers

A cleaning basket with modular workpiece carriers offers the possibility of stacking several carriers in one basket. This also allows different parts to be washed at the same time. The industrial baskets can be closed with a storage or clamping lid.

Cleaning basket with clips

Cleaning baskets with bottom plate and clips

Cleaning baskets with a base plate are similar to standard industrial baskets. However, the bottom plate with bayonet catches offers the possibility of fixing large parts in particular with suitable clips.

Cleaning basket industry with several plastic baskets

Cleaning baskets with plastic baskets

Manufacturers of small parts, such as the jewelry, medical or automotive industries, benefit from gentle cleaning in a basket system with plastic baskets. Here, parts can also be pre-sorted before the washing process.

Cleaning basket industry for workpiece carrier

Customized cleaning baskets for industries with large components

Again and again, there are also individual requests from customers. For example, ZELL has already developed a suitable solution for the existing cleaning system. Individual carrier plates can be inserted flexibly in height via integrated plate elements. This means that a wide range of parts can be covered without the need for costly conversion work. The basket material is made of V2A, 1.4301 with electropolished surfaces. Cleaning baskets in this form are suitable for industries with very large components that vary in shape.

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Cleaning basket industry as workpiece carrier system

Advantages of a standardized cleaning basket for the industry

Improved safety

Standardized cleaning baskets have safety features such as handles, locking mechanisms and ergonomic designs. These features facilitate safe handling, transport and loading/unloading of parts, both in automated processes and manually. In addition, standardized baskets undergo extensive testing to ensure compliance with relevant safety standards and minimize the risk of accidents or injuries during the cleaning process.

Cost savings

Standardized cleaning baskets offer cost advantages compared to individual solutions. Because of their standardized design, they can be produced in larger quantities in stock. This usually results in lower unit costs and offers a more favorable alternative, especially for customers with large production runs.

Clear identification of all parts to be washed

Cleaning baskets from ZELL can optionally be ordered with identification holders. RFID chips can be attached to these or bar or QR codes can be lasered in. These enable the unique identification of parts during the entire cleaning process in real time and thus contribute directly to quality management.

Sustainable maintenance options

In addition, the standardized design of modular cleaning baskets simplifies maintenance and repair procedures, as individual spare parts or components are readily available and interchangeable. This also makes ZELL's baskets a sustainable alternative to existing basket systems.

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