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Innovative workpiece carriers

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Workpiece carrier with customer component, ZELL SystemtechnikWorkpiece carrier with customer component, ZELL SystemtechnikMore about our new carrier

Increasing automation and growing robotization in production are placing ever higher demands on holding systems and securing systems when cleaning and transporting workpieces. ZELL Systemtechnik develops and supplies workpiece carrier systems for fixing precise and sensitive workpieces. These systems can be used to transport, clean and harden components precisely and gently . The use of these intelligent workpiece carrier systems enables automated production processes, the support of robots, controlled cleaning processes and hardening without time-consuming reloading.

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ZELL® Factory System

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Do you want to produce, clean and store in a single workpiece carrier? Transport your workpiece more economically, efficiently and sustainably with our latest workpiece carrier system. Flexibly adjust your workpiece carrier in height and area for maximum capacity and ideal workpiece holding.

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Standard products

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With our standard products, you can assemble your workpiece carrier system according to your needs. With a comprehensive selection of workpiece carriers, clips, wash baskets and many other accessories, ZELL Systemtechnik offers all components in modular form that are necessary for logistics and cleaning.

Customized solutions

Industry-specific carrier systems

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In addition to a comprehensive selection of high-quality standard products, we develop customized new designs for any workpiece, no matter how complex. ZELL has already implemented a large number of industry-specific solutions. Here you will find a selection of our projects.

Workpiece carrier

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Why workpiece carrier

With our new workpiece carriers, we are expanding our carrier systems with a modular assembly. Multclips and standard clips can be mounted on the carrier. We thus offer an attractive alternative to conventional stainless steel carriers.

Cleaning baskets for industry

Transport, storage, washing and intralogistics in just one basket system

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Our standardized cleaning baskets are suitable for washing processes as well as warehousing and logistics. They can accommodate smaller plastic baskets or workpiece carriers and thus offer versatile application possibilities.

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ZELL has already developed 500+ successful projects for workpiece holder systems. The more than 1,000+ workpiece holder molds created in the process can be reordered or new by customers as standard.

Develop new clip

Individual workpiece fixture with 100% fitting accuracy

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If there is no suitable clip in our repertoire, we will be happy to develop a new clip for you. This can then be tested by you as a sample and will be manufactured for you in a new injection mold.

Configure your small load carrier (KLT) from more than 1,000 modular components

With our latest ZELL® Factory System, you can flexibly build the inlay of your small load carrier (KLT). In doing so, the configuration of the KLT always starts with the right receptacle for your component. The right clip is then mounted on a workpiece carrier. This can then be inserted as an inlay into a KLT or the matching ZELL basket.The containers are well suited for automated production, cleaning, temporary storage and logistics

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Workpiece carrier systems for automated production

ZELL Systemtechnik has already developed hundreds of different clips, baskets and holding systems and successfully solves the specific requirements of customers from various industries. Every year, ZELL Systemtechnik develops 50 to 100 new holding and securing systems for current production processes and the adequate handling of workpieces.

When looking for the right solution, customers at ZELL Systemtechnik have a choice: With ZELL Individual, you get a system tailored exactly to your application. With ZELL Standard, you can put together your own requirements from all the components included in the system. In this way, we supply not only individual high-end products, but also cost-effective systems based on already developed standard components. With the high-quality ZELL systems and their long service lives, users significantly increase the quality of their production processes while reducing manufacturing costs.

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Workpiece carrier for thin aluminum plates built from ZELL Factory System
Workpiece carrier with turned part mounted on ZELL Factory system
Workpiece carrier with turned part mounted on ZELL Factory system
Stainless steel workpiece carrier with automotive part
Workpiece carrier with turned part mounted on ZELL Factory system
Stainless steel basket with base plate for rotating part
Stainless steel workpiece carrier with new clip for shafts
Stainless steel workpiece carrier with new clip for gears
Stainless steel workpiece carrier with new clip for battery components

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