ZELL® Factory System

Do you want to produce, clean and store in a single workpiece carrier? Transport your workpiece more economically, efficiently and sustainably with our latest workpiece carrier system. Flexibly adjust your workpiece carrier in height and area for maximum capacity and ideal workpiece holding.

What is a workpiece carrier?Configure individual workpiece carrier systemWorkpiece carrier system

Now it will be an innovative modular system

The assembly consists of a plastic carrier. The customer can choose from five surface sizes. Two retaining brackets guarantee excellent handling and stackability. The distance to the carrier can be varied with the number of spacer sleeves used (5 mm or 10 mm), for a height of 20 - 150 mm.

The assembly is bolted with self-locking nuts. This ensures easy assembly and fixes the retaining brackets to the plastic support. Customers also have the option of using a laser to engrave all relevant data on a labeling plate. These are screwed to the side of the carrier.

The innovative design of the entire assembly results in decisive advantages over conventional stainless steel workpiece carriers:

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Our five standard sizes

555x355; 355x255; 255x155 mm (Euronorm)
425x275; 275x190 mm (Schäfer)

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How to configure your workpiece carrier system

Analyze component

  • Specify dimensions and mounting points of the component
  • Consider automation process
  • optionally submit technical drawing
  • optionally submit CAD or STEP file
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Customer component

Select clip

  • Select the appropriate clip or have it developed for the respective component
  • The ideal workpiece holder made of high-quality polyamide
  • Dimensionally stable and suitable for all common fluids from industrial washing equipment manufacturers
  • Plastic baskets to wash small parts as bulk material
  • a wide range of standard clips and multiclips adapted to your component for maximum protection during transport and washing operations
more about clipsStandard, Multiclips and Plastic Baskets

Adapt workpiece carrier

  • Select base area of the carrier according to batch prelumens, automation process and machine size
  • Molded die-cuts for mounting standard clips or detents for mounting multiclips to maximize cavities on the carrier
  • Five standard sizes: 255x155; 275x190; 355x255; 425x275; 555x355
  • flexibly adjustable in height to your component, in 5 mm increments, by the selected number of spacers
  • Two handles guarantee excellent handling and stackability
  • Manufactured from high-quality polyamide or stainless steel, dimensionally stable for all common cleaning processes
  • All components can be easily disassembled, replaced, adapted or recycled
  • optional marking plates for laser engraving, barcodes
Workpiece carrier
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Workpiece carrier

Insert into basket

  • Select a suitable basket for the workpiece carrier
  • choose possible heights 200 and 300 mm
  • Select basket with or without intermediate piece for more pickup flexibility
  • For each standard size of workpiece carrier we offer the suitable basket made of plastic or stainless steel
  • Two round frames guarantee stability. It is enough to replace them to adapt to a new workpiece carrier size
  • Manufactured from high-quality polyamide or stainless steel, dimensionally stable for all common cleaning processes
  • All components can be easily disassembled, replaced, adapted or recycled
  • closable with retaining clips or clamping lid
  • Available accessories: removal tools,  adapters, labeling plates for laser marking and bar codes
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Cleaning with system

Whether it's bulk material or highly complex assemblies, ZELL offers a variety of systems and components for professional component cleaning.

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  • Technical drawings
  • Backgrounds to the technical development
  • Unique selling proposition
  • Workpiece carrier as a modular system, assembly instructions and component selection
  • Industrial basket kits
  • More capacity with Multiclips
  • Lids made of Polymer or Stainless Steel
  • Adapters for cleaning systems
  • Trusted standardized Workpiece Carriers
  • Workpiece carriers as customized industrial solution

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