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Cleaning baskets

Washing baskets for small parts and bulk goods

Plastic cleaning basket industry

Workpiece carrier

Height adjustable. Lighter.

Plastic cleaning basket industry

Factory System

Transport. Cleaning. Logistics.

Plastic cleaning basket industry

GRID® System

Up to 1,200 degrees Celsius. Stainless steel.

Various workpiece carriers in industrial baskets Wash baskets on a Euro pallet
ZELL Surface Technology
In the processing and treatment of metallic surfaces, ZELL occupies the place of a technology leader with outstanding engineering competence: For 30 years, ZELL has been following a successful path with its own precision blasting processes, its own plant engineering and sandblasting in the Ehingen region (near Ulm). ZELL is an industrial partner for large-scale production, for the fastest turnaround times and for high-performance metallic surfaces, for example through shot peening.
business area >Component to which additional holes were added by sandblasting
ZELL Systems Engineering
Transporting and cleaning of workpieces require reliable holding and securing systems to meet the demands of the growing automation rate. ZELL Systemtechnik GmbH develops and supplies workpiece carrier systems to keep sensitive workpieces accurately in place. Our systems are sophisticated solutions to preserve your valuable workpieces during cleaning, transportation, and hardening.
business area >Workpiece carrier system including workpiece carrier, wash basket, basket, Multiclips, end cover and wash frame

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