Company history

Innovation since 1991


Signing of the contract with the company ENGELS (f.l.t.r Robbert van den Akker (CCO), Michele Farruggio (MD)

The company ENGELS becomes exclusive partner of ZELL Systemtechnik and takes over the distribution for the Benelux countries: Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The workpiece carrier systems of the ZELL Group complement the portfolio of ENGELS and thus create profitable synergies for both companies. Due to the established distribution, ZELL thus gains a strong partner in Western Europe.


Sales Office of ZELL System Inc.

Following initial successful business in the USA, ZELL increases its commitment and founds its first American company: ZELL System Inc. In addition to a sales office in Chicago, a local warehouse is set up to guarantee local stocks of the most important products. This not only simplifies the invoicing process, but also significantly shortens delivery times to North America.


Groundbreaking ceremony for ZELL Systemtechnik GmbH

With our new production site in Rottenacker, we can meet the high international demand for our ZELL Factory System. The completion of the first construction phase is planned for Q3/2023. Special thanks to our guests of honor: Manuel Hagel (Parliamentary Group Chairman), Markus Möller (Deputy District Administrator), Karl Hauler (Mayor).


ZELL Systemtechnik exhibits at six international trade fairs

With the new ZELL® Factory System, the company presents a world first at several international trade fairs, including for the first time from Bologna (Italy), Seoul (Korea), Detroit (USA), Chicago (USA) and many more.


Hokwon Lee, D.B.Enterprise

The ZELL Group is expanding into Asia. With D.B.Enterprise, represented by Hokwon Lee, we have gained an excellent partner for South Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan.


Markus Rimmele, DigitalituM
Mark Eferdinger

ZELL Group enters the American market and is represented there by its Account Executive Mark Eferdinger.


ZELL® Factory System

After two years of development, ZELL Systemtechnik releases a new workpiece carrier system: ".ZELL® Factory System". It is the world's first modular standard system for workpiece transport, production, cleaning, storage and logistics.


Michele Farruggio

Michele Farruggio joins the company as a further managing director of the Zell Systemtechnik GmbH joins the company. For the first time ZELL provides its customers with a complete Catalog for modular standard components catalog at the disposal of its customers.


Elvir Bannenberg

Elvir Bannenberg takes over as head of quality management for the entire ZELL Group.


Zell Metalltechnik GmbH changes its name to Zell Systemtechnik GmbH new name. The Zell workpiece carrier system company is consistently modularized and standardized. For customers ZELL delivers individual solutions based on hundreds of modular standard components.


Utility model protection is registered for the cell grids and the international patent application is filed.


The two shareholders of the ZELL Group Ingo Zell and Ernst von Freyberg (from left to right).

The ZELL Group increases its capital. Together, Ingo Zell and Ernst von Freyberg now lead the company as shareholders and managing directors. At parts2clean 2018, ZELL Systemtechnik presents the world's first holding system based on wood-plastic composite (WPC) - baskets and clips will also help meet high environmental standards in the future.


GRID® System

ZELL Systemtechnik launches the new GRID transport system. This is the first automatable transport system made of steel, which is suitable for cleaning, transporting as well as hardening of individually picked up parts. The system, developed in-house, can withstand temperatures up to a maximum of 1,200 degrees.


New rotary transfer machines

In 2015, ZELL Oberflächentechnik starts with the new development of rotary shot blast machines. By 2017, eight of these systems will be put into operation. The result of the new development is a 42% reduction in abrasive consumption and a 24% reduction in energy consumption with increased quality and repeatability. The lower manufacturing tolerances of the new systems have made it possible to process the smallest parts with great attention to detail. ZELL Systemtechnik presents the first flexible transport system made of 100% plastic on the market, which is also 100% compatible with the familiar system.


Peter Ehing

Having already worked for ZELL in 2007 as head of quality assurance, Peter Ehing is now taking over as plant manager.


Founded in 2008, ZELL Metalltechnik GmbH focuses on the development and production of workpiece carrier systems. This is the birth of the business unit "ZELL Systemtechnik".


In September 2000, Josef Zell died unexpectedly at the age of only 48 after suffering a heart attack. Ingo Zell then took over the company at the age of 28 and continued to run it as a sole proprietorship with his wife Claudia. In 2005, the company was renamed ZELL Oberflächentechnik GmbH & Co. KG.

Ingo and Claudia Zell


Zell grows and in 1996 the first own new building is built. Josef Zell develops and builds rotary transfer machines based on the injector principle, barrel machines and various special machines. A decisive factor for the steady growth and success of the company is that all these production lines are developed and manufactured in-house.


Founder Josef Zell

In 1991, Josef Zell founded Zell Oberflächentechnik in Volkersheim, Germany. With two rotary shot blasting machines developed and built by himself and two employees, he ventured into self-employment. The first customers came from the automotive supply industry for the deburring and cleaning of steel parts.